WordPress Management for Non-Profits

Since we have decades of experience in WordPress development and management, we may be the right solution for you.

Non-profit WordPress Management

Here are some of the ways that our programs target the non-profit sector:

  1. Free Plugins
    Renewing plugins each year can be expensive! We include thousands of dollars of free plugins without Pro Plan to keep your costs down, while making sure you have everything you need
  2. Elementor Pro (Included!)
    There are a lot of website builders out there. We have chose Elementor Pro as our preferred website builder and include a free Pro license for all of our sites
  3. Focus on Donation Plugins
    We have worked with a plot of donation plugins over the years and make it a priority to ensure your method for donations is properly integrated as much as possible within your WordPress site.
  4. Unlimited Edits
    You cannot always plan for the content you need updated! Plans change, but your budgets does not. With our pro plan with unlimited edits, you can request updates to your content whenever you need, with a response time in usually 72 hours.
  5. Security and Backups
    With enhanced protocols, we take regular backups and deploy best security practices to keep you non-profit wordpress site running safely

In summary, our focus over the years has been on servicing the non-profit WordPress customers. This allows us to continue to build on our past experience and continue to improve our offerings.

If you would like to talk to us about your WordPress management for non-profits, setup a call.