GoDaddy/Sucuri Firewall Issues on WordPress Block Editor

If you are hosted on GoDaddy and using their Firewall via Sucuri, and get the error below when trying to update a Post using the WordPress block editor:

Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.

… this may be due to the firewall settings at GoDaddy.

To see if this problem may be affecting your site, you can verify this by doing the following.

Check for REST API Errors

You can see details of any possible REST API error in the WordPress Site Health tool. Visit the Tools » Site Health page in your backend.

If you see something like the below, this is indicating that there is an error with the firewall at GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Firewall Warning

Add Your IP Address to GoDaddy

While there are other options and settings you could try with the firewall (including turning it off), the solution below will allow you working from your computer to stop receiving this error and continue with saving your posts in the WordPress Block Editor.

  • – Get your computer’s IP address at
  • – Login to your account
  • – Go to Manage My Products -> Security -> Firewall -> Settings -> Access control -> Allow IP Addresses
  • – Add your IP address in the field below
The screen that allows you to add IP addresses


You should be able to save your post without errors!

Still having issues?

If it’s not related to the GoDaddy firewall, there are some other posts here and here that might offer some other things to try!