2 great services for fast DNS propagation

You are getting ready to launch your brand new site for yourself or a client, and all you need to do is switch the A record and voila – the world is enjoying your sparkling new site, hoping a fast propagation of your DNS changes.

So you change your A record but you or your client still does not see it. 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours… still no change!

“But the site I launched last week was visible in 5 minutes!”

As it turns out, all DNS servers by different providers are not created equal.

While we haven’t vetted each service out there, the countless sites we have launched, or changed A records for, we have found that two providers really stand out in terms of offering fast A record propagation.

#1 Fast DNS Propagation – Cloudflare

The last site we changed had an almost instant propagation! Plus, the Cloudflare free plan has so many other awesome features as well that you should check out. This is the reason this is our #1 fast dns propagation recommendation.

#2 GoDaddy

The only products we recommend (or use) from GoDaddy are their domain registration services and DNS management. Since being one of the original players, we can expect consistent results with domain registrations, transfers and dns management, as well as a quick “TTL”

In summary, this is not an exhaustive list of all of the providers out there that are probably amazing. But a lot of the smaller players without investments into amazing DNS services really lack in terms of making your new site available to the world quickly, and reliably.

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