Backup, Backup, Backup!

We have all heard the horror stories about not properly “backing up your work”. Whether it’s an important project you are working on our your WordPress site, it’s crucial to have recent as well as multiple days of backups available.

Set it and Forget It!

The easiest way to ensure that you are backing up your WordPress site, is to automate it! All of our WordPress maintenance plans have backup procedures in place to ensure the site is being properly backed up. We backup both at the data center level and off-site as well in case of drastic failure.

Take another backup before updating plugins

For major plugin or theme updates, we recommend using a staging environment to test before updating in your production environment.

When you are ready to perform plugin or theme updates on your production environment, take a back-up before performing any work, that way you can roll back really easily.

Have a rollback or disaster recovery plan

Now that you have your backups in place, make sure you know how to properly restore your backups to your live site. There are a lot of plugins out there, and a lot of ways to do it. Just make sure you know how when the days comes (but hopefully it never does!).

Have multiple days of backups available

Scenario: You realize you were victim of Malware and there is spam on your site. Oh no! No worries, you have a backup! But wait, when did the spam/malware first get on your site? If you know when it happened, you can rollback to a specific date to perform a recovery. (Note: if you can perform a Malware scan and remove it without having to backup, that could be even better!).

In general, it’s good to have multiple days of backups available for scenarios where you might need to go back longer than 24 hours.

Need assistance with backing up? Let’s chat!